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Registry about the development of Need for Madness DSmod

Being developed right now:
- The private beta of Need for Madness 2 - DSmod 2 is ongoing!


Update History

Read our post in AIMgames to be in touch with all the details about updates!

Public Release v1.1: A Desktop-friendly update
- The installer has been updated, now it includes an .exe launcher that requests proper permissions for the instalation.
- Now the installer should be able to create the shortcut on the Desktop in every Windows version from XP onwards.
- The game has been updated too. Now it works completely as a desktop app and it's portable. If your Java security settings don't let you play the online version here in the web site, you can download the game to play it directly in your PC and offline.
- Some minor enchacements and bug fixes.

Public Release v1.0: Exclusive installer for the downloadable version!
- The final downloadble version of the game has been released. Now you can download the game and play it from your PC whenever you want! Use our quick installation wizard for coping files in the proper directory. Also, in Windows PCs, a convenient desktop shorcut will be added.
*(On Windows XP, it may work only in SP2 Spanish or English versions, Windows Shell Script must be installed in order to can add the shortcut).
- New soundtracks for stages 10 and 13.
- Significant interface changes: Now a list with the opponents damage and positions is available in wasting mode (when the arrow is pointing at cars). To show/hide this list, press the "S" key.
- AI improvements: Now DS Wasting Machine has new waitpoints on stage 12.

Open Beta v0.9: More hacks everywhere
- New stages!: The Legendary Challenge (now it's actually a custom track) and Waste Storage Area (stage 13).
- In-game interface reorganized. Here is a preview:

- New gadget: Arrow now implements an information section for track/opponent status.
- "Final lap!" message added.
- New stages!: Mazda's Quick Race (stage 2) and When the Police Strikes (stage 3), thanks to Shax700!
- Formula Zero's stats has been rebalanced.
- First plans for DSmod2: Multiplayer cars as guest, more game modes, major interface changes.
- First plans for DSmod3: New interface, more cars and stages, powerups and special abilities, changes in the game dynamic (as a boss mode when you're gonna unlock the 2nd stage to get a new car), AI improvements.

Open Beta v0.8: Security improvements + New gadgets
- Now the DragShot Software splash screen appears before the RadicalPlay logo at startup.
- New gadget: Damage over 80% warning under the stats, with its own sound effect.
- Stage selection engine modified: now the soundtrack is played continuously.
- [Exclusive!] New encryption engine for the models: Some cars have been upgraded!
- New custom stages!: Fantasy Desert (stage 4) and The Lair of the Big Digger (stage 11).
- Minor interface changes.

Open Beta v0.7: Let the hacks begin with NetBeans!
- FIRST HARD JAVA HACKING RESULTS (using NetBeans IDE 7.1.1): Fixed problems using Armoured King and now the DS Wasting Machine will be released with its true stats! Also there are new strings in the game!
- Added new launcher: Only execute the file runfs.exe and let the madness begin!
- New car: DragShot's Wasting Machine! (in the place of MASHEEN)
- New car: Little Tico! (in the place of Nimi)
- New stage: DR Monstaa's playzone (stage 15 ~ based in The Abandoned Military Base from Nfm2-UMO Edition).
- Stage modified: The North Highway (now has ramps at beginning and there are some changes in all the track).
- Stage modified: Dance Fever (color changed).
- Modified cars (overall La Vite Crab, and the Kool Kadillac's model was fixed).

Open Beta v0.6: A new King has came!
- New car: Armoured King (in the place of EL KING). Event "In the chase of the new King" ended.
- New car: Kool Kadillac.
- Main menu image changed: the Armoured King was revealed!
- Now, instead the welcome screen there will be a banner with the last updates
- Changes in some strings.

Open Beta v0.5: In the chase of the new King
- Main menu image changed (new main screen!): The event "In the chase of the new King" has starded.
- Changes in some strings.
- Stage 6 was renamed to "The North Highway", also its color has changed.

Open Beta v0.4 ~ v0.3: First release
- New soundtracks for stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 14, 15, 16 and 17.
- ModPlug Tracker has been assigned for making/editing ProTracker modules (the soundtracks for each stage).
- New stages 1, 4, 5, 7 and 8.

Alpha v0.2 ~ earlier: The beginnings
- Minor modifications in the game interface, mainly the images.
- Many cars has been recolorized or lowly modified.
- Java Class Editor has been assigned for changing strings and propeties.

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