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DragShot is the name, development is my game.

This page keeps track of the projects I'm developing, for one or another reason. Here you can also download some of them, as they're finished or in open beta.

If you're wondering who I am, you can check the main site, DragShot Core, to get some information; but putting it in abstract, I'm just a guy who lives in Lima (PerĂº), and likes to do some programming in his free time. Also, I'm currently studing System's Engineering in a private university.

Little things that can change lifes

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My interest for this kind of activities started a long time ago, although I've started with Java more recently... just 2 years ago to be exact. I develop stuff to practice while the rest of my skills are improved in other ways, through studing and any other thing one would have to do at college, I guess.

But hey, not everything in System's Engineering is related to programming. So, what introduced me here? Well, it was a game called Need for Madness. It might not have the best graphics engine ever (although it was really good when it was first released, for being a browser Java Applet game), but it was cool and so was the gameplay it offered. A lot of people remeber the first versions, and yeah, that game is still alive... it's so active that it has grown and became multiplayer. Such app made rebirth my old childish desire to dissasemble everything I could find to see how it works; and as one thing can move you into another, I finally found myself interested in programming, trying decompilers and tutorials.

Being honest, is thanks to those events what I could choose my proffessional carreer; that means anything but a small nor insignifficant change in someone's life, it helped me to find an option for building myself a future.

And so, we're here. Now you know the story, you can go on in peace :) .

Current Skills

  • Java SE
  • Java EE Web (JSP, Servlets)
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • PHP (server scripts, databases)
  • Oracle Database 11g
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • mySQL