Need for Madness Multiplayer: DS-addons pack

An extended distribution for Need for Madness Multiplayer.

Type: Java Online Game Client
License: DS Default License
Version: 2.3.7

900 KB

Need for Madness Multiplayer: DS-addons pack

Last updated: December 31st, 2020

Java games

This project is being developed in paralel as the original game keeps growing. It's composed of some additional modules and features from my own, some of them requested by the community. It was created with the purpose of enchancing and giving some flexiblity to the gameplay, alowing the player to keep a wider control of the content they want to see and how.

It all started from the most basic thing: the speedometer. By casuality, I posted a screen capture where it could be appreciated and some friends asked me for it, so I published a copy of my modded jar. Soon the game was updated, and I made another ripped jar file again with the speedometer; so I posted the new file. With the time new ideas arrived and were implemented here, some from me, and some others by request from users from Facebook and the AIM games forum.

For more news please visit this topic in a forum (you may need to register there first).

Being developed

  • Merging with Phy-addons: Special stage effects, new camera modes and more!
  • A new lobby system with more options available.
  • Other minor improvemens for the lobby and chat.


  • Seasonal events!
  • Support for mp3 soundtracks!
  • More HUD gadgets (speedometer, minimap, chronometer, player names) with skins!
  • Upgraded chat system with links, mentions and a longer history!
  • Customized online games with your own set of rules, stage effects and players!
  • A world list of best times made in Practice mode for the singleplayer stages!
  • Additional features like transparent glass, effects, no-piles option for singleplayer, notifications with sound, etc.
  • An independent Game Client patcher to manage updates, replacing the official self-updater
  • Graphics quality settings menu
  • Exclusive bug fixes and workarounds not included in the original game client
  • ... and more!


  • A working connection to Internet, in order to keep all files updated
  • Windows 7/8, Linux, Mac-OS X
  • Java Runtime Environment 8