FanFiction.net Toggle Lights

A script which allows to swap between a light and dark theme for the text edit sections.

Type: User script
License: GNU Lesser General Public License 3.0
Version: 1.2

FanFiction.net Toggle Lights

Last updated: June 30th, 2015

JavaScript userscripts utils

This small script adds a button to the doc editor toolbar which toggles lights ON (black text on a white background) and OFF (white text on a black background). Mixing this with the fullscreen mode results in a more comfortable writing experience for your eyes.

Simply install this script and it will do its job right after the page load its main contents. No special GM permissions are required so far.

Being developed

  • Solving issues during the script execution caused by slow connections.


  • Automatic script execution and updating.
  • Fully integrated into the edit frame toolbar: the function can be toggled by pressing an only button.
  • The script saves your preferences in your browser, and applies them automatically.


  • Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Recent versions are recommended.
  • Greasemonkey plug-in for Firefox, or Tampermonkey for Chrome.